The Association of Air Medical Services
Company Name:

Boston MedFlight


Bedford, Massachusetts

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Managements and Other Positions

Position Type:

Full Time

Required Experience:

5 - 10 years

Required Education:

Bachelor's Degree


September 1, 2017

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Base Manager for Bedford, MA location

Boston MedFlight, a growing and dynamic non-profit medical organization, seeks sharp, responsible Base Manager for their organization’s Bedford, MA location. The Base manager will perform clinical care, administrative and supervisory duties.

Boston MedFlight transports critically ill and injured patients by helicopter, jet and ambulance. We transport approximately 4000 patients a year from scenes of accidents and community hospitals into the 6 teaching hospitals in Boston. We’ve been in business for 32 years and in that time have transported over 66,000 patients.

Base Manager Job Description  

While reporting to the Chief Operations Manager, the Base Manager will perform clinical care, administrative and supervisory duties. The Base Manager will be required to work transport shifts each pay period as well as have regularly scheduled administrative and supervisory office time at our Bedford, MA base.


Essential Responsibilities:

A.      Understands and models behaviors consistent with the Boston MedFlight (BMF) Mission, Vision, and Core Values

B.      Initial point person regarding daily operational issues for the nurses, paramedics and EMTs for their respective base, including (but not limited to):

·         Supervises flow of information and status of vehicles.

·         Adjusts personnel and responsibilities to meet organization mission and needs.

·         Facilitates filling open shifts (sick call coverage) including covering shifts that are not filled.

·         Participates in shift briefings when available.

·         Assigns daily tasks to duty crews, including, but not limited to:

o   on-site follow-up;

o   base cleaning;

o   vehicle cleaning; and

o   in-town conferences (M&M Rounds, etc…).

·         Ensures bag/equipment checklists are performed and address any issues.

·         Ensures Dailies are performed and addresses any issues.

C.      Provides administrative supervision to BMF operational staff and aviation maintenance technicians who work at his/her base.

D.      Oversee preventative maintenance and facilities issues for their respective base in consultation with the Chief Operations Manager.

E.       Prepares a yearly facilities and operations budget for their base.

F.       Offers coaching to nurses, paramedics, and EMTs.

G.     Issues verbal counseling to nurses, paramedics, and EMTs if necessary.

H.      Contributes to performance evaluations of operational staff in conjunction with Chief Operations Managers.

I.        Participates in candidate interview process which may include performing ride alongs with prospective employees.

J.        Participates in the scheduling of the nurses, paramedics, and EMTs.

K.      In conjunction with Equipment, Logistics and Facilities Coordinator, responsible for all medical equipment and checklists at the base (e.g. ensures that ongoing maintenance and repairs of medical equipment are completed).

L.       Provides a weekly written status report to the Chief Operations Manager.

M.    Attends required management meetings.

N.     Maintains positive communication (written and spoken), effectively while interfacing with fellow employees, patients, referring hospitals, and the community at large.

O.     Creates a positive experience for ride alongs, coordinates in-house PR activities, and facilitates tours and escorts visitors through his/her base.

P.      Plan and coordinate, at a minimum, one hospital, FD/EMS or community site visit twice monthly.

Q.     Coordinates with pilots who will conduct LZ review with towns in their geographical area.

R.      Review all patient transport records and controlled substance documentation for the respective base to ensure compliance with BMF and regulatory documentation and compliance standards. Corresponds with staff where gaps are noted, forward records back and ensures timely workflow and loop closure.

S.    Participates in the BMF clinical education system, including but not limited to:

·         Acts as senior partner and provides performance feedback for probationary clinical staff;

·         Provides performance feedback for clinical staff on transports;

·         Evaluates and coaches clinical staff in required clinical proficiencies;

·         Provides specialty clinical support on transports and mentors team members in developing specialty transport skills;

·         Acquire AHA instructor credential as training is made available, then maintain credential and act as internal AHA instructor;

·         Participates in simulation program; and

·         Provides direct education to Critical Care Transport and Communication EMT groups.

T.       Serves as the grounds and facilities safety supervisor for his/her base ensuring compliance with OSHA and other safety related regulations.  Works directly with the Aviation Safety Manager for aviation-related safety matters affecting the base.

U.     In collaboration with Chief Operations Manager, Base Manager is expected to establish and meet ongoing professional development goals, including internal and external programs for management and leadership development.




A.      Unrestricted travel.

B.      Other duties as assigned.



A.      Must meet or exceed the medical crew qualifications.

1.       Paramedic candidates must have Massachusetts EMT-P with a minimum of five years’ paramedic experience, as well as BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) certifications.

2.       Nurse candidates must have Massachusetts RN license with a minimum of five years of high acuity full-time or part-time equivalent experience working as an RN, with at least 3 years in a critical care unit and/or emergency department. Experience in both areas as well as experience obtained in hospitals designated as a level I or II trauma center or tertiary care center. Mass EMT certification, BLS, ALCS, PALS, NRP (neonatal resuscitation program) required. Either CCRN or ACNPC required. Either CEN, CFRN or CTRN required. 

3.    Must obtain and maintain his/her specialty certifications:  CFRN/CTRN or FP-C/CCP-C within 1 year of employment; CNPT must be obtained within 6 months of hire into position; and all Boston MedFlight required credentials (e.g., IABP/Nitric Oxide) during orientation.

4.   Capable of performing in cramped quarters and any type of weather condition.

5.  Must possess and maintain physical condition which allows running, climbing and carrying of medical equipment and lifting of patients.

6.  Height & weight requirement: In order to be eligible for employment, Body Mass Index (BMI) must not exceed 30 and/or the maximum weight for an individual crewmember must not exceed 210 pounds. Body fat percentage and frame size should be taken into consideration. Since a BMI of greater than 25 is considered overweight, it will be recommended that BMF transport staff who have a BMI that falls between 25 to 30 seek dietary counseling, this includes consultation with occupational health. Maximum weight and/or BMI is necessary for flight planning purposes to ensure safe operational aircraft performance.

7.  Able to stand erect from a squatting position while lifting 175 pounds between 2 people – agility testing will be monitored annually.

8.  Pass random drug screen as required.

9.  Ability to pass annual physical examinations and Fit-For-Duty Test

10. Free of motion sickness or history thereof.

11. Free of physical ailment which may impair consciousness or cognitive ability. 

B.   Bachelor’s degree strongly preferred.

C.      Must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of organizational philosophy.

D.      Promotes and models team-oriented approach to activities and problem-solving.

E.       Models positive workplace behavior and intervenes, as indicated, to interrupt inappropriate workplace behaviors.

F.       Models compliance with safety and operational policies and intervenes, as indicated, when faced with noncompliance.

G.     Models “mission-ready” behavior and intervenes, as indicated, to address counterproductive approaches.

H.      Must be able to hold peers accountable to organizational goals, policies and procedures, be proactive and solution-oriented, and maintain a professional demeanor with a positive customer service approach and maintain confidentiality, where applicable, at all times.

I.        Must be able to provide on-call coverage and carry a pager and cell phone.

J.        Must be computer literate to include database entry, spreadsheets, and word processing software application.

K.      Must have predictable weekday scheduling.

L.       Must be organized, accountable and an effective communicator. 

M.    Must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of organizational philosophy.

N.       Must be able to read, speak, write and comprehend the English language without restriction.




A.      Class I employment physical and annual physical examinations required.

B.      Massachusetts CORI and FBI background checks will be performed prior to employment.


How to Apply:

Please visit our career center by clicking here to submit an application and résumé.

Or mail to:

       Human Resource Manager
Boston MedFlight
Robins Street, Hangar 1727
Hanscom Air Force Base
Bedford, MA 01730

Please also provide 3 letters of recommendation as well as copies of your certification and licenses. Letters of recommendation should be sent directly to the Human Resource Manager at the address above or to  

For More Information

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Company Name:

Boston MedFlight


Bedford, Massachusetts

Approximate Salary:

Not Specified

Job Category:

Managements and Other Positions

Position Type:

Full Time

Required Experience:

5 - 10 years

Required Education:

Bachelor's Degree


September 1, 2017

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